IGN supports customers through every step of the manufacturing process, with unlimited capabilities and extensive manufacturing experience, you can rely on IGN as a critical part of your companies product offering.

Anodized Aluminum Labels

Labels for applications that need to be durable, scratch resistant, and will hold up outdoors. The ink is locked in the anodized layer for maximum durability. These labels are designed to last.


Whether you’re looking for a long term outdoor banner or a short term trade show retractable, we can supply all types to meet your specific needs.

Menu Banner
Go Means Green
Summer Blast Pass
Clark County Fair
Point of Purchase Display Examples


IGN has designed and created thousands of labels for customers. Labels can be any size, shape and color depending on the required specifications. Vinyl, polyester, and polycarbonate are common materials used to identify or market products and services.

Metal Labels

IGN produces metal labels for a variety of customer applications. Additionally, we have the ability to die cut, punch holes, serial number, radius corners and apply adhesive depending on how the label will be used

Point Of Purchase

IGN has the ability to print on rigid or roll materials, so pairing a front window decal with a rigid product display is no problem. Whether it’s a high volume advertisement or a single retractable banner stand, the experts at IGN can help you sell product.

Point of Purchase Display Examples

Product Identification

Metal Label

Trade Show Graphics

Let IGN develop your brand into a impressive presence for the next conference you’re attending.

Trade Show Booth

Vehicle Graphics

High resolution vehicle wraps or just a name and phone number provide excellent exposure for your brand.

KOIN Channel 6 News Car
Rodda Point Vehical Graphic
Vehicle Graphics by International Graphics and Nameplate