About Us

International Graphics and Nameplate (IGN) is a full service label and large format digital graphics manufacturer founded in 1984. IGN has expanded its sales base to include companies throughout the United States and around the world. IGN has always been focused on meeting the label specifications of all its clients. These include the most stringent government and military applications as well as adhering to standards set by testing labs such as Omni, UL, and Intertek.

IGN’s customer base ranges from large international corporations to small local companies to individuals. IGN maintains that quick turnaround and customer satisfaction are the keys to success in our industry. IGN puts those two beliefs above all else, while maintaining competitive pricing, and superior quality.

IGN is capable of printing on almost any flat surface including paper, vinyl, plastics and metal. International Graphics’ also has many specialty items which few other companies are capable of producing. These include, but are not limited to, anodized aluminum, photo-sensitive anodized aluminum, etched metals, and architectural signage.